How to spruce up your kid’s bike

18 January 2022

We understand that children may want to revamp their bikes over time! There are many quick and easy ways to spruce up your children’s existing bikes to make them feel brand new again without having to invest too much time or money!

We’ve collected some simple but effective ideas that are not only affordable but some you can try at home too:


A great way to include an extra pop of colour and personality to your child’s bike is to add handlebar tassels or bike streamers. Tassels can be bought or be homemade and can vary in size and colour depending on your child’s preference. These cool accessories can change the bike’s entire colour scheme, or add a complementary touch to the base colours.

Handlebar tassels or bike streamers are simple and fun to make at home from just ribbon and elastic bands. Take a look at our how to make ribbon bike streamers guide here >>


A fun and expressive way to decorate your bike is to add frame stickers or tape. These come in all different shapes, colours, sizes and patterns and some even include character pictures. Frame stickers are an awesome way to personalise your kid’s bike and can also add protection to the frame.


Some good starter additions to introduce to your kid’s bike are reflective accessories, such as reflective tags and stickers that can be attached to the bike’s handlebar, or reflective tape that can be wrapped around the frame. You can also use reflective snap bands or reflective saddle covers to add some colour. These are great to invest in for bike safety too so children can always be visible.

There are lots of reflective bike accessories to choose from here >>


Replacing the handlebar grips is an inexpensive way to freshen up your child’s bike and make it feel new again. They are available in an array of colours, sizes and materials.

Make sure to get the right size for the bike so that they remain comfortable and stable and perfect for young riders.

Discover the grip colour combinations you could have here >>


We completely understand that a kid’s bike can become their friend, with some children evenly fondly naming their bike. You can now create nameplates for bikes and then display them on the front adding a real personal touch. There are many craft numberplate kits on the market so that children can really get involved in creating their own masterpieces.

These clip on nameplates are great for personalising your kid’s bike >>


A traditional accessory to consider adding to your bike is a front basket. Many of these baskets can simply be attached to the bike’s handlebar. Kids can easily store their belongings on the go and take their toys along for a ride. They come in many different materials from wicker to plastic and a variety of colours to complement the bike.

This wicker bike basket is fantastic >>


Another affordable way to alter your bike’s appearance is to add a bike saddle cover. They are available specifically for smaller kids’ saddles and come in so many different colours and styles including solid colour covers, character covers and bespoke covers.

Take a look at these funky and affordable saddle covers >>


Bike bells or horns are a simple and safe addition to your kid’s bike. They are not only an affordable accessory but there are so many to choose from in awesome colours, sizes and some play different sounds - the perfect safety item to alert drivers or pedestrians of your child on their bike.

The Mini hornet acts as both a light and a horn >>


Our last accessory recommendation is for bike spokes, including beads, stickers and lights, – they’re an easy way to brighten up your bike spokes and are simple to attach. And, they create a stunning visual effect with every wheel movement.

There are many designs and coloured spoke lights to choose from on Amazon >>

With so many fun and colourful accessories to choose from, you can easily put some new life back into your child’s old bike so that it’s like new again!

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